Touring this Holiday Season

An extraordinarily funny and courageous show.
★★★★★, London Free Press

An ode to the idea that anything is possible.
★★★★★, Torontoist

Magical. The audience transformed into a playhouse of children.
★★★★★, Stage Door Toronto

Guaranteed to be the best tea party you’ll ever attend.
Mooney on Theatre

Fans of Monty Python, Mr. Bean, and Dr. Seuss… Grab your Teacups!


A Christmas wish comes true with catastrophic repercussions.


Combining British propriety with an unabashed love for the unexpected, London’s 3-time Impresario Award-winning duo steep an astonishing show reminiscent of classic British pantos. Rich in wordplay, comic physicality, and cleverly crafted interactive elements—this show is uproarious fun, yet it is the duo’s boundless imagination and endearing chemistry that provide the real magic and heart of this play.


Creative & Production Team

Created by James & Jamesy in collaboration with David MacMurray Smith
Performed by James & Jamesy

Musical arrangement: Adrian Shepherd-Gawinski

Sound Design: Aaron Malkin, Adrian Shepherd-Gawinski

Piano: Alexander Stevenson

Costume Design: Alastair Knowles

Choreography: Lucy Falkner, Chris J. Gonzales, Jake Kerins

Technical Director: Alberto White

Touring Technician: Jeremy Vreeken

Graphic Design: Kurt Firla, Christache Ross

Public Relations: Jill Raymond of rayAction Creative

Special thanks to Lucy Falkner, Stephanie Morin-Robert, Candice Roberts, and Sadye Osterloh for their great ideas and ongoing support.