10,000 feet of paper. One pen. Physical comedy that draws you in.

Physical theatre tour de force.
Orlando Weekly

A World class performer.
London Free Press

A breathtaking original show.
Montreal Theatre Hub

Layers of meaning in the stylish production.
Orlando Sentinel

Just go.
Theatre in London

It takes the one person performance to its limits.
Montreal Rampage

A non-verbal marvel.
West Mount Mag.

Ink is a sketched character in a paper world. A roll of paper suspended high above the stage descends and provides his everything. Putting pen to paper, his ink creations become his companion, his home, his muse. Believing the paper is an endless resource, Ink consumes it with relentless vigour until the inevitable occurs.

When the material we base our existence upon runs out, where are we left?

Created by Alastair Knowles & Stéphanie Morin-Robert
Performed by Alastair Knowles
Directed by Stéphanie Morin-Robert
Dramaturgy: Jon Lachlan Stewart
Costume & Set Design: Alastair Knowles
Costume Concept: Brendan Cunningham
Sound Design: Jon Lachlan Stewart