This show benefits greatly from having as dark a blackout as possible. Considerations often overlooked include:

  • Do the illuminated EXIT signs cast light onto the stage?
  • Do the stairs lights in the audience cast light onto the stage?
  • Are there any windows to the outside that are not completely covered?

This show uses a single, top-down hard-edge spot-light with a slight angle upstage. Ideally, it forms an 8-foot diameter circle on the upper centre stage floor, giving about 2-feet of space between its upper edge and the upstage black curtain.

The only other theatre lights used are generic house lights and a wash for when the audience enters and when the performers do their bows at the end. The rest of the lighting comes from the performers’ costumes.


We use a water-based hazer. Does the theatre have one we can use, or should we bring our own?


Sound is run from Qlab, which can be run from our laptop or your house machine.

In theatres with approximately 400 seats or more, we use 2 headset mics. We have this gear, if necessary.


Stage width minimum: 20’
Stage width preferred: 26’ – 44’

Stage depth minimum: 15’
Stage depth preferred: 18’ – 25’

Audience needs unobstructed view of mid-stage 2-feet off the ground, so a raised stage or raked seating or both.

Ceiling height minimum is determined by top-down spot light in ‘Lighting’ section above.

Set / Props

Two chairs are used on stage.