Tea floods the entire world…

Outrageously funny, magnificently written, beautifully choreographed.
★★★★★, London Free Press (full review: pdf | docx)

An ode to the idea that anything is possible.
★★★★★, Torontoist (full review: pdf | docx)

Absurdly hilarious. It’s incredible.
★★★★★, Vue Weekly (full review: pdf | docx)

As adults we praise the imagination that children have in playing and creating as if we no longer have it. Just an hour at High Tea proves we have not lost that imagination. We simply haven’t been given the space, encouragement or freedom to exercise it. That space, that encouragement and that freedom are exactly what James and Jamesy give us. The immense pleasure we feel comes from realizing that a power we thought was lost has only been dormant. James and Jamesy’s High Tea awakens us.
★★★★★, Stage Door Toronto (full review: pdf | docx)

I have been ruined for other plays by the play they call High Tea.
Montreal Rampage (full review: pdf | docx)

James & Jamesy must cling to their friendship and imagination to stay afloat. This award-winning British comedy duo tackles complex questions of reality, and in the process sweep the audience into an adventure that highlights the value of imagination and the importance of playing together.
Created by James & Jamesy in collaboration with David MacMurray Smith
Performed by James & Jamesy
Sound Design: Aaron Malkin
Costuming: Alastair Knowles
Piano: Alexander Stevenson