A pie. A face. How hard can it be?

James & Jamesy attempt to fuse the two together and conquer this classic of comedy. They fail.

The two dive into the depths of their psyche as they mine their memories for clues about what’s holding them back.

Date CityVenue Tickets
May 4, 2023 https://jamesandjamesy.com/upcoming James & Jamesy in Gibsons, BCGibsons Heritage Playhouse TICKETS
May 17, 2023
- May 28, 2023 https://jamesandjamesy.com/upcoming
James & Jamesy in Orlando, FLEdyth Bush Theater Coming Soon

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Creative & Production Team
Created by Alastair Knowles, Aaron Malkin, David MacMurray Smith, and Adrian Shepherd-Gawinski
Performed by Aaron Malkin and Alastair Knowles
Directed by David MacMurray Smith and Adrian Shepherd-Gawinski
Sound Design by Adrian Shepherd-Gawinski
Costuming by Alastair Knowles, Kevin Maguire, and Brenda McLean