A Comedy about Fatherhood.

Malkin delivers on his punchlines. His stage presence immediately draws in the audience and makes him feel like a close friend. With that emotional rapport quickly established, the jokes come flying. There’s a lot of brilliant material to work with, delivered with the stage presence you’d expect from a veteran Fringe comedian.
★★★★, Winnipeg Free Press

A world-class performer. Masterful at engaging the audience and disarmingly vulnerable.
★★★★, CBC

He’s a laugh riot.
★★★★1⁄2, Edmonton Sun

Inspired by the imagination of his 4-year old son, Aaron Malkin brings to the stage a wildly fun and very relatable storytelling comedy.

This award-winning show is great for anyone who has been a parent, or had one.

Malkin’s “jaw-dropping physicality” and “spot-on comedic timing” (Winnipeg Free Press) are an absolute joy to behold, yet it is in his reflections on his own parenting mistakes that the show offers poignance and impact.

Malkin is a Canadian Comedy Award winner, Off Broadway performer, and 22-time Best-of-Fest winner for his British Comedies in the popular comedy duo James & Jamesy.

Created by Aaron Malkin in collaboration with Christache Ross
Performed by Aaron Malkin
Inspiration and co-authorship from Lucy Falkner and Julian Falkin
Costume, Set, and Sound Design by Aaron Malkin
Ongoing creative input from Lucy Falkner, Stephanie Morin-Robert, and Alastair Knowles
Special thanks for support to Elias Faingersh, Deb Williams, Jon Bennett, Nayana Fielkov, Rob Gee, and Stewart Huff