A tea party. A most spectacular imagination.

A masterpiece of physical comedy… Note for note perfection.
★★★★★, Theatre in London (full review: pdf | docx)

Full-out belly laughs all the way through.
★★★★★, Winnipeg Free Press (full review: pdf | docx)

Complete and utter fun… for all ages.
★★★★★, CBC (full review: pdf | docx)

Extraordinary. Hilarious. Amazing.
★★★★★, Edmonton Journal (full review: pdf | docx)

An irresistible delight. … One reason for the glee that greets the performers is the way they remind an adult audience of the children they once were, and still are.
Stage Door, Toronto (full review: pdf | docx)

A truly fun riff on British farce that’s steeped in playfulness, meticulous physical comedy, and an unabashed love for the unexpected.
CV Victoria

Fans of Monty Python, Mr. Bean, and Dr. Seuss… Grab your teacups!

Canadian Comedy Award Winners and 3x London Impresario Award Winners James & Jamesy lure you into their delightfully bizarre world with their innocence and endearing chemistry. As touching as it is hilarious, 2 for Tea is a vibrant celebration of friendship and imagination.

Jamesy’s unbridled imagination overtakes reality and their formal tea party erupts into a magnificent adventure where the extraordinary joyously erupts from the ordinary.

Created by James & Jamesy
Directed by David MacMurray Smith
Sound Design: Aaron Malkin
Costuming: Alastair Knowles